How to Resolve MS Entourage Error 3259

Entourage application is commonly called as email client. Most of the entourage users use this application to send or receive emails. Adding with that they save some other entourage items in the Entourage RGE file format. But sometimes when you go to send emails in entourage application you will get entourage error 3259. On the screen this error appears as:
“An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded, or there may be too much net traffic.”
Error: 3259
Above entourage error 3259 generally appears in entourage 2008 or entourage 2004. After having this error entourage application will not work smoothly and other entourage error frequently arises.
Your entourage saved items may become inaccessible after this error. Due to this error you might have to face data loss condition. In order to fix entourage error 3259 it is necessary to find out the cause of this entourage error.
Some of the responsible reasons are:
  • If entourage error 3259 appears at the time of receiving emails not sending, it means you have a bad SMTP configuration.
  • This problem occurs when the incorrect port number is set for the outgoing connection.
  • Due to authentication problem by the SMTP this error appears with entourage application. It happens due to authentication settings in entourage set up.
  • Server error can be the cause of this entourage error.
To resolve entourage error 3259 or to fix entourage corruption you can perform the below steps. Some of the required steps are as follows:
  • Since it is the time out error so you need to connect with the server again. The error may be fixing after that.
  • Delete the previous made account and create new one to re-enter information.
  • If you want to resolve its authentication problem then you would have to consult with the server administrator.
  • You can check entourage database for corruption.
After performing the above steps if still you are getting the same entourage error 3259 then that might be critical situation. Entourage application might be corrupt or damaged in this condition which usually prompts such entourage error. To fix entourage error you would have to use third party Entourage repair tool. This tool repairs the corrupted or damaged entourage database and fixes entourage error 3259. The easy interface of this tool allows you to perform the repair tasks in very simple way. Using this tool can make your entourage application accessible.

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